THE OBLOERON SAGA has returned! is proud to announce the return of THE OBLOERON SAGA, a box set of epic fantasy proportions. It is the opus of the author’s early career, including all six books–especially the previously un-released third prequel novel, Krampel’s Revenge.

“I am beyond happy,” the author told his website, “that the Saga is finally back, and complete. The work we’ve done on it over the course of this past year is simply incredible.”

The box set also includes three previously unseen short stories, and the fourth novel in the set, The Quest For the Chalice–the first novel the author ever wrote–has been enhanced with two other short stories into the existing prose.

“It helps answer a lot of questions,” Sweeney said.

It is currently available across all ebook retailers for 99 cents–but only for a limited time.

Get your copy at the links below today!

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