Glorious Slip now available in the Bookstore! is proud to announce that Glorious Slip, the author’s 29th novel and the second under the D.L. Boyd pen name, is now published and available for purchase.

“I’m so happy that this book, after a couple of years of waiting, is now out into the world,” the author told his website. “Glorious Slip is the first of three books, and this book sets the tone of the entirety of the series. It’s my hope that as you’re reading, you’ll hear the clip-clop of horse’s hooves, as well as the salt water of Boston Harbor waft all around you.

“It’s truly a special book.”

Glorious Slip takes place mainly in the years prior to the American Revolutionary War. Nick Smith, the protagonist, is shifted backward in time to 1765. He meets Constance Wood, the daughter of the land owner who hires him as a farmhand. When he realizes that he can’t get back to the 21st Century, he bites the proverbial bullet and helps Constance raise her brothers and sister — until the two fall in love and start a family of their own.

But Nick also knows what’s to come, and with the help of Samuel Adams and Henry Knox, he takes a front seat as history unfolds in front of him.

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