The Small Town P.I. Series ebook bundle now available! is proud to announce the release of the three-book ebook bundle set from the author’s Small Town P.I. series at the introductory price of $2.99. It is now available on all ebook platforms.

“One of the great marketing tools of our time is the ebook bundle,” the author told his website. “You can get a taste of the author’s style and get a grouping of books for a relatively low price. All three books are usually $2.99 each, so to get all three for that price is a steal, to be quite frank with you.”

At present, the series is only available in digital format, but may come to trade paperback if there is a demand.

Alex Bourque is the young, unproven private investigator who comes from a a law enforcement family; his father is still a detective in his hometown police department. Between cold cases, jury duty, and trysts with his girlfriend Lauryn, Alex looks for the clues that will deliver results to his clients! Set entirely within Massachusetts, the Small Town P.I. series is rife with plenty of action, intrigue, and sex.

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Small Town PI bundle